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my journey :: teaching

Teaching found me, really…I had no intention of teaching, but then when someone asked me if I would teach Spanish, I said “yes”!  That seems like a lifetime ago!  Conversing in Spanish and teaching Spanish is like eating fine dark chocolate.  I can’t seem to get enough of it!  I am often asked “Why Spanish?” though I have never come up with a solid answer to that question.  What I can say is that Spanish moves me.  That may sound trite, but that is how it is for me and this rich, passionate, poetic language.


Being the Teacher has infused my entire life, not just in teaching Spanish.  I feel at home in the education world, be it in a school setting or offering advice and ideas to a close friend.  The urge to first investigate the facts and then share the findings is so innate that I sometimes need duct tape to help squelch the urge to share.  But typically my audiences are keen to learn new things and often come to me for new innovative ideas, if not instead for a moment of silliness and humor.


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