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my journey :: art

I have always had the creative gene.  Making art for me is about freedom, nurturing the soul, and just plain having fun!  Textures, color, and the deeper meaning of life are what inspire me the most.  Ideaphoric, inventive, and resourceful…I frequently explore creative re-use and imaginative application of unusual materials.


My studies in Surface Design at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts led me to a passion for felt making.  I am grateful to the Australian artist who developed the technique of nuno felting that I now embrace and add to my own unique vision.  Working with wool makes me happy...not only in knowing that it is an eco-friendly material, but also because sheep have so much personality and spirit.


Many of my felt pieces have frayed fabric edges, holes, and tied knots with threads left uncut to enhance the earthy organic nature of wool felt.  The pieces have an intentionally refined “unfinished” look for intrigue.  My current body of work encompasses adornment for women and dimensional wall pieces for home and office environments.


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